10.10.2017 Looking back to the past and forward to the future

Looking back to the past and forward to the future

From 1894 to far into the future: SICHERHEIT 2017 will have plenty of stories to tell in Zurich from 14 to 17 November 2017. The “History Tunnel”, for example, will showcase products that were once ground-breaking innovations. Such pioneering inventions are still being developed today, as shown in the ”IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT”.

The “History Tunnel” and the “IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT” will offer brand-new experiences throughout SICHERHEIT 2017. These two platforms will be set up in Hall 4.

The History Tunnel: a glimpse into the past
In times past, individuals and companies came up with ground-breaking innovations that marked a bold step towards the future. Now we are taking the opportunity to look back at these developments and inventions – sometimes with a sense of admiration, and sometimes with a smile. Using all manner of examples, the “History Tunnel” at SICHERHEIT 2017 will inform trade fair visitors about developments and processes, from the original dangers and risks through to the latest solutions. Some 15 exhibitors will be taking part in the “History Tunnel”. The oldest example on show dates back to 1894, when the first simple “automatic fire alarm” was invented. It was nothing more than a birdcage containing two birds. In the event of a fire, the smoke produced would cause the birds to fall unconscious or die and they would fall off their perches and onto the floor of the cage. The weight of the birds would close an electrical circuit and trigger the fire alarm. To avoid false alarms – if a bird were to die of natural causes, for example – the alarm would only be triggered when both birds fell onto the bottom of the cage. However, the “History Tunnel” also has many more stories to tell, including the history behind the Vidmar safe by Züblin Firesafe (1900), the ABUS No. 375Z padlock by ABUS Switzerland (1924), a Siemens fire alarm system (1945), a video monitoring screen by EOTEC (1965), a multi-lock system by Eichholzer (1975), the first defibrillator by Procamed (1988) and many more inventions.


IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT: a glance into the future
All these devices were once innovations that revolutionised the market and industry. Of course, pioneering products like these are still being developed today. Which of these items will make a real impact on the market and industry remains to be seen. The new “IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT” offers a glimpse into what the future might hold: Among the impressive examples on show are an alarm system based on Google Mobile Services designed for people who work on their own (Ascom), innovative image analysis sequences (EOTEC), a video-based fire detection system (Bosch), a cloud-based alarm and communication solution (instaSOLUTION) and a robot that serves soft ice cream (Marvelboy) – and what’s more, it could, in theory, be used as a basis for various safety and security applications too. The “IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT” will also be welcoming around 15 exhibiting companies, ready to get visitors on board with their innovations.

Plenty of success stories
The trade fair itself will also be making history, simply because SICHERHEIT will be taking place this year for the 21st time and once again offering a comprehensive insight into all aspects of safety and security – a real success story! The same goes for the accompanying SICHERHEIT specialist conference, which will now be completely integrated into the trade fair and held in Halls 3 and 5. In the thirteen conference modules, there will once again be practical and solution-oriented talks of the highest quality, covering a wide spectrum of topics. The number of registrations already received speaks for itself: the 2017 SICHERHEIT specialist conference certainly delivers on its promises! You can find the detailed programme and register for the specialist conference at www.save.ch.

Success stories will also be in the spotlight when two prizes are presented at SICHERHEIT 2017: the VBSF (Swiss Association of Fire Prevention and Safety Specialists) will award the “VBSF Sicherheitspreis 2017” (“VBSF Safety and Security Award 2017”) in the red forum (Hall 5) at 4.45 p.m. on 14 November 2017, while the ASIS Swiss Chapter will present the “ASIS Young Professionals Annual Award in Switzerland” in the blue forum (Hall 3) at 4.45 p.m. on 16 November 2017. Both award ceremonies will last around 15 minutes, are public and can be attended by all visitors.

Online tickets are available
Up-to-date information on SICHERHEIT 2017 can be found at www.sicherheit-messe.ch, where online tickets for the trade fair are also available.


The trade fair in brief


Tuesday, 14 to Friday, 17 November 2017



Messe Zürich, Zurich-Oerlikon | Switzerland


Opening times

Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entry Box office without registration: CHF 20
Online ticket with registration: free


Information about the trade fair www.sicherheit-messe.ch 
Information about the specialist conference www.save.ch

For more information about the SICHERHEIT trade fair, please contact:
Exhibit & More Ltd., CH-8117 Fällanden
Heinz Salzgeber, Show Director and Lea Maurer, Head Communications
Phone +41 (0)44 806 33 99, info@sicherheit-messe.ch, www.sicherheit-messe.ch

For more information on the SICHERHEIT specialist conference, please contact:
SAVE AG, Markus Good, Tittwiesenstrasse 61, CH-7000 Chur
Phone +41 (0)43 819 16 40, info@save.ch, www.save.ch