31.08.2017 The heart of Switzerland’s safety and security industry

The heart of Switzerland’s safety and security industry

SICHERHEIT 2017 will open its doors in Zurich from 14 to 17 November 2017. The preparations for the trade fair, History Tunnel, Innovation Park and SICHERHEIT specialist conference are in full swing, promising an all-encompassing presentation of the Swiss safety and security industry.


As usual, SICHERHEIT 2017 will become the heart of Switzerland’s safety and security industry from 14 to 17 November 2017, once again offering a comprehensive insight into all aspects of safety and security. Well-established elements and platforms as well as many new and attractive ones await you.


SICHERHEIT specialist conference integrated into the trade fair halls

This year, the SICHERHEIT specialist conference will be held for an impressive 21st time. However, in order to meet the requirements of visitors, exhibitors and conference participants even more fully, it will now be completely integrated into the trade fair and will be held in halls 3 and 5. The optimised programme allows more time for visitors to take in both the conference and the trade fair. In the thirteen scheduled conference modules, there will once again be practical and solution-oriented talks of the highest quality, covering a wide spectrum of topics. The number of registrations is very encouraging: so far, an impressive 30 per cent more participants have registered than on the same date in 2015.
You can find the detailed programme at www.sicherheit-messe.ch or www.save.ch. Register at www.save.ch.

New platforms for a new trade-fair experience

The “History Tunnel” and the “IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT” will offer brand-new experiences. Using all manner of different examples, the History Tunnel will inform trade fair visitors about developments and processes, from the original dangers and risks through to the latest solutions. The new “IPS – Innovation Park SICHERHEIT” offers a glimpse into the future: it is a platform on which exhibitors, start-ups, technical colleges and universities can showcase their innovations to visitors, conference participants and other exhibitors. These two new platforms will be set up in hall 4 and can already delight in a promising number of participating companies and organisations.


ASIS and VSBF: Awards at SICHERHEIT 2017

The VBSF (Swiss Association of Fire Prevention and Safety Specialists) will award the “VBSF Sicherheitspreis 2017” (“safety and security prize”) in the red forum (hall 5) at 4.45 p.m. on 14 November 2017. From as early as 1992, the VBSF has been awarding prizes every year to honour exceptional work or innovations in the safety and security industry, such as scientific work or work of practical importance. The VBSF Sicherheitspreis comes with a purse of CHF 5000 and a recognition award of CHF 2000 is also presented.
In the blue forum (hall 3) at 3.45 p.m. on 16 November 2017, the ASIS Swiss Chapter will present the “ASIS Young Professionals Annual Award in Switzerland” to a project boasting innovation or creativity or representing progress in safety and security. Applications are open to anyone under 40 with fewer than five years of work experience in the safety and security industry. The award comes with prize money of CHF 2000 and one year of free membership of ASIS International and the ASIS Swiss Chapter.
Both award ceremonies will last around 15 minutes, are public and can be attended by all visitors.

Online tickets available from September

Up-to-date information on SICHERHEIT 2017 can be found at www.sicherheit-messe.ch. Online tickets for the trade fair will also be available here from the start of September.


For more information about the SICHERHEIT trade fair, please contact:

Exhibit & More Ltd., P.O. Box 185, CH-8117 Fällanden

Show Director Heinz Salzgeber and Head of Communications Lea Maurer

Phone +41 (0)44 806 33 99, info@sicherheit-messe.ch, www.sicherheit-messe.ch


For more information on the SICHERHEIT specialist conference, please contact:

SAVE AG, Markus Good, Tittwiesenstrasse 61, CH-7000 Chur

Phone +41 (0)43 819 16 40, info@save.ch, www.save.ch